Monday, 16 November 2009

Japan Days 9 to 15

Hurrah an update for you.....

Kanazawa was amazing, such a small but very interesting city. Here we saw the Samurai district with its cobbled streets, dark alley ways and impressive houses. We decided to walk through them at night as advised and it brought it alive. One of the best evenings we had was a guide through the Geisha district which also included performances of authentic music that Geisha would play along with other stunning performances of singing and violin.

I was also treated here to my first cup of sake accompanied by very tasty noodles and something else that I can't remember now but definitely was awesome. Another treat was a walk through a fish market which allowed us to get fresh Sushi prepared that day and sample it along side a few courses of meaty things on sticks which I also very much enjoyed. Come to think of it most of my trip there consisted of buying and eating delicious items of food even though my wallet had nothing in it!

We took a trip out to Kamakura when we were staying in Kanazawa to see the 2nd biggest Buddha in Japan and whilst there managed to pick up a fine pair of chopsticks for myself which i'm now trying to keep in one piece in my rucksack until I get home.

After Kanazawa we headed back to Tokyo to spend our last couple of days there until we left for New Zealand. We spent a day traveling out to Yokohama which is on the coast and is breathtaking for its views and architecture. It also happened to have an Oktoberfest in full swing when we arrived which meant there we plenty of German people everywhere...

Well i'm writing this post whilst sat in Sydney so some details will be missing as there is a lot to write so you'll have to excuse me for that.

Some Photos of course




Coming soon details of New Zealand (I Hope)


Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Coming Soon

Since the Internet costs a fortune in New Zealand and we are very poor updaying this blog has become difficult. I promise that very soon I will post some details of our further travels.


Thursday, 8 October 2009

Japan Days 1 to 8

Well an 11 hour flight meant we were extremely jet lagged。We stopped in Narita on the way to out hostel to see a temple but with the rain, jet lag and 18 kilo back pack it did not seem to wonderful at the time!
Our stay in Tokyo was awesome with us managing to see the electronics and anime district and and a play around with the new gizmos in the Sony building among a few of the highlights. We will be heading back there for the last few days of the trip to see some more. We moved to Kyoto after that and stayed there for five days with yet more rain to accompany us on our trips to nearby Kobe and down to Nara to see the big ass buddah. I think we have walked about 40 Km everyday to save money due a smaller budget after the Yen to pound went down the pan so our feet are now just giant blisters :(
We are now in Kanazawa on the north coast and have missed the typhoon by a few hundred miles but it managed to delay our travels by a day as most of the trains were cancelled. We are in a very pleasant guest house that used to be a Kimono shop and we will post more details soon

Some Photos

Golden Palace Kyoto
The Big Buddah

Temple in Kyoto (I Can`t remember name at the mo)

Thursday, 3 September 2009

The Polish Beach

I'm posting this a little late as we went at the beginning of August....

Well we have spent a week on the Beach to get our tans ready for the trip. I have successfully managed to go one shade less of bright white and may start looking normal soon if i'm lucky. Plenty of beer, fried fish, ice cream and some 30 degrees of sun equals a very relaxing week. One thing I have to say is that ze germans are everywhere, no suprising though considering one end of the beach is in Germany (i'm sure someone will make a joke of that at...cough Dave! cough). I've posted photos on Facebook of the trip but here are a few of my faves.

Rattie after digging his hole on the beach

These bloody Indians were outside my hotel room playing music I can now hear in my sleep!

Us enjoying the sun

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

God help me. lol.

The First Entry

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